In order to attract your customers will need a Web site to be presented in the best light. ADS TEAM offers the service of designing and building Web sites. Here you can choose between 2 types of sites:


  • Adequate for small-scale site which is fast-loading in the first place.

  • Functional design is shaped practically organized into several HTML pages with CSS support is the foundation of any web site.

  • Static web site may contain certain Flash and / or JavaScript elements.

  • With this package you get a simple free hosting package and domain registration.


  • Based on PHP, with support from the database with the necessary parts of the code in HTML.

  • The powerful PHP / MySQL script with quality design and functional interface allows you to create a content management system (CMS). That way you are able, in a very simple way to add new content, news, pictures, articles on your web site, then update it regularly.

  • These sites have a certain number of pages, but their content is generated from the database.

  • With this package you get a free hosting package at least simple, and domain registration.

  • Original design, if desired (with our consultation)
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Free hosting (one year)
  • Free domain name (year)

  • Original design of your choice
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • 20 email addresses
  • CMS – Content Management System
  • News from your site in RSS format
  • Free hosting with database (one year)
  • Free domain name (year)