web site design

In order to attract your customers will need a Web site to be presented in the best light. ADS TEAM  offers the service of designing and building Web sites. Here you can choose between 2 types of sites:

Adequate for small-scale site which is fast-loading in the first place.

Functional design is shaped practically organized into several HTML pages with CSS support is the foundation of any web site. Static web site may contain certain Flash and / or JavaScript elements. With this package you get a simple free hosting package and domain registration.

Original design, if desired (with our consultation)
Up to 10 pages
Up to 5 email addresses
Free hosting (one year)
Free domain name (year)

Based on PHP, with support from the database with the necessary parts of the code in HTML.

The powerful PHP / MySQL script with quality design and functional interface allows you to create a content management system (CMS). That way you are able, in a very simple way to add new content, news, pictures, articles on your web site, then update it regularly. These sites have a certain number of pages, but their content is generated from the database. With this package you get a free hosting package at least simple, and domain registration.

Original design of your choice
Unlimited number of pages
20 email addresses
CMS – Content Management System
News from your site in RSS format
Free hosting with database (one year)
Free domain name (year)

from 200$ from 400$


Site Redesign

If you have a web site, created several years ago, or you simply want something different, we will take existing content and create a completely new design. Using a CMS system that you can independently change the existing and insert new content, or you can hire me to perform for you, whether we are creating your web site or someone else.

Site Maintenance

Involves services of a professional maintenance of your site, updated news, editing, tracking statistics and other services in accordance with the agreement.

When creating a web site, will satisfy the basic principles of search engine optimization, providing a better ranking and more traffic. For more advanced ranking, Internet marketing and the concept of performance can be extended cooperation.